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HomeRun Homes is a centralized marketplace which helps people Find or Sell a Rent to Own Home, both Nationwide and Globally to the thriving Rent to Own Market. http://www.lease2buy.com

March 30, 2010

Site Design, Social Media, & Housing

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to thank you for being regular readers on our blog, and also, repeat visitors to our website (www.Lease2Buy.com).

A few notes on our website, as we have continued to re-design quite a few key pages and remove some fluffy text. Additionally, we will be adding newer features to get your Ads out in front of more (even more!) potential buyers or sellers, so please keep checking the site regularly for these changes and additions.

On the advertising front, we have continued working with some solid companies in terms of expanding our Social Media presence, and you can check a few our profiles here:
Facebook (Click Here)
Twitter (Click Here)

We are also listed on every major social media site, and we are developing our profiles on them substantially, as well.

On the economic front, New Residential Sales were released last week, and the numbers dipped 2.2% from January...but 13% from Feb 2009. These are some very telling numbers, and this tells us we are not out of the woods yet.

Continue to keep all creative buying or selling options open.

Thanks, and Happy Rent-to-Owning.

March 26, 2010

New Support Contact System

Happy Friday to all,
Just a quick heads up to let you know that we have upgraded our Support Contact System. We have done some exhaustive work and found a way to answer about 94% of the questions we receive with an Auto-reply. Indeed, the answers to the questions are on the site as well, however, when time is of the essence for someone placing an urgent Rent to Own Ad, we wanted to provide this convenience for them.

Previously, we had a basic contact system in place, but with out new upgrade, there is a form that will auto-reply with the most common answers (all but 6% of them!).

Thereafter, our support team will follow up with the customers/potential customers to ensure their needs have been met.

As for other business:
1. We have tweaked the page for "Secrets of Rent to Own" (The guidebook on Rent to own), so this is worth a glance - Click Here to Visit the Page.
2. Additionally, we all know the Housing numbers were not so great this week. There are some construction numbers coming out next week that are worth a glance.

Have a great weekend and Happy Rent-to-Owning !

March 23, 2010

Spring Newsletter Now Available....

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!
Our Spring 2010 Newsletter is now available when you visit this link.
Make Sure you download it and check it out.

Further: Monthly House Price Index & New Residential Sales are coming out this week...Keep an eye out for these important #'s.

Best Regards and Happy Rent-to-Owning !

March 20, 2010

An Eventful Week !

It's been quite an eventful week here at HomeRun Homes
We have been working with a sampling of some of our customers/visitors, and we began a massive re-design of our home page, code-named "Word-Slim" ! Why that name? Mainly, since every visitor commented how wordy the home page is, and we listen to our visitors, one and all. Your experience on our site should be Rent to Own Homes...not having to read through clutter to get what you need. Please see our changes Here, and feel free to comment.

The week ahead, we'll be working on a more robust contact system, some more Social Media penetration, and since we are on the topic of Social Media, please check out our Facebook Fan Page Here, and show us some "Facebook Love" by becoming a Fan of the page.
Similarly, you can follow us on Twitter Here

Side Note: Existing Home Sales are coming out on Tuesday 3/23 - the name says it all....keep your ears open for some progress.

Lot's of exciting things happening - which means more traffic to your Ads on our site, which means finding or selling a Rent to Own Home even faster...which is why we exist !!

Have a great day, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !

March 16, 2010

Major Housing Confidence Index drops...

Per the Long Island Business News:
"The National Association of Home Builders said Monday its housing market index, which tracks industry confidence, slipped this month by two points to 15, back to its January level"

This is the index that homebuilders use to show market confidence.

The good news is that traditionally, we are entering one of the busiest times for this industry, and the next 3-6 months will truly paint a better picture for us to see.

Happy Rent to Owning!

March 15, 2010

Great Customer Testimonial to Share...

We would love to share a fantastic testimonial we have received from a customer who has multiple different properties along the Eastern Seaboard states. We are very proud of the service that we provide and we take pride in the fact that our website is helping people find or sell Rent to Own Homes every day.

The Testimonial:

"I have been working with HomeRun Homes (www.lease2buy.com) for about three months now. My company places all of our homes on lease2buy.com and have been quite pleased with the responses that we have received from our ads. The staff has always gone out of their way to make sure everything is working just as it is supposed to, and I would highly recommend HomeRun Homes anyone looking for exposure of their lease2own property. Some of the best marketing dollars I have used to date.

Equitable Home Solutions, LLC"

We strive to continue providing great service to the Rent to Own Real Estate market in the USA, Canada, and globally

Happy Rent-to-Owning.
HomeRun Homes

March 11, 2010

Important Economic News coming out Tuesday 3/16

Good Afternoon,
Just to give everyone a heads up, New Residential Construction numbers are being released on Tuesday 3/16. This specific index takes into account Building Permits, Housing Starts, and Housing Completions, so basically, it's a "Biggie".

What does this mean for everyone? This will show us the relative strength of the housing market. If you are looking to buy or sell a Rent to Own Home, it's still a good time, and is always a good time, since it will always be an attractive option when a creative real estate solution is needed.

We have been developing a lot of cool new features for the website, so please stay tuned for updates.

Have a great day, and Happy Rent-to-Owning

March 8, 2010

Monday Update

Hope everyone had a great weekend.
This week, we are revisiting some cosmetic items on the website, and re-examining how easy some of the resources are for you to use. We will also continue to monitor page loading speed as well.

On the marketing front, we have release some new press releases regarding the new Rent to Own Homes Blog, as well as regarding our Article in Financial Advisor Magazine. We have some new media coming out soon as well, so stay tuned.

Have a great week and Happy Rent-to-Owning

March 5, 2010

Friday, Indeed.....

Hi All,
We have made it through another week (for those of you who don't work an 8-day week!). So congrats to everyone.
This week, we have made some very solid strides in syndicating our content (pushing it out) to other Real Estate websites, and we have seen a strong spike in Ad responses, which is telling us that it is working. When visitors are responding to your Rent to Own Ads, it makes us very, very happy.
OK, now some people have said we are a little wordy on our home page, and we have listened to you. After a number of us reviewed the page, we just cannot truncate the top section any more than we already have. There are a number of initial points that needed to be made, and the page addresses each point as concisely as possible. However, we will take a periodic look at it and see if we can condense it any more going forward.

We hope everyone has a fantastic, safe and enjoyable weekend.

Happy Rent-to-Owning !

March 3, 2010

HomeRun Homes Appears in Financial Advisor Magazine Article...

Hi All,
We wanted to share some Great News with you!
Our website has received even further publicity on a much larger scale. Since you may or may not already have an Ad on our website, this could be some fantastic and exciting news for you!
We were recently included in an article on Home Rentals in the Nationally distributed "Financial Advisor" Magazine. In the article, we provided our insight into the market, along with a few details on our experiences. The article is well worth a read, and it is available by Clicking Here.

Thank you for your continued support, as we strive to make our website the place for your dreams to come true, whether your dreams are of home ownership, or your dreams are of releasing yourself from an existing property!

HomeRun Homes

March 2, 2010

Syndication, Speed & Home Descriptions

Good Day to All,
As we finally have dug ourselves out of yet another storm here in the Northeast, we continue to make your experience with our website better every day.
Here is what we have done over the past few days:
Syndicating Content:
Twitterfeed is now updating Twitter & Facebook with the content of our website. We are also working on better ways to have the syndicated website feeds of our Ads in front of an even larger audience to bring you more Rent to Own traffic than you can handle, thus, more sellers and buyers responding to your Ads!
Speed of the Website:
We are working on some speed issues with the Home Page, and we have added some compression software. If all goes well, we will work on other major pages on the site.

Question of the Day:
"The homes description are hard to understand (exp ranch - hi ranch, etc..)".

Answer of the Day:
The reason that we do it this way is since we took a state by state survey of what people referred to for different images we sent them, and when a 75% majority called it a certain type of home, this is the title we use. However, you can always expand on your description in the "Description" section of your Ad.

Have a great week and Happy Rent-to-Owning !