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December 22, 2017

The Epson DS-575W Scanner; Small in Stature, Behemoth in Results

Hi Folks,
   I hope that you are all enjoying a fantastic Holiday season thus far. I had some unique messages about my last post, both good and mediocre. Nothing bad, which is good, (using up the one daily double-negation that I've allotted for myself!!)

   Today, we are going to take a small step away from Rent-to-Own and from Cryptocurrency and even Real Estate, for a few short moments, so that we can discuss a topic we can all agree on, and that is Efficient Document Management. Pay attention to each of those words, as they will hold validity once you've read this post.

   Without further intro, I present to you the Epson WorkForce DS-575W Document Scanner, a small package that packs a big punch.

   From the moment you open the box and take out the Scanning Unit, especially if you have handled many large scanners and printers, your first thought might be, "Uh Oh". You might wonder how this device that is close in size to a 4-slice toaster can perform to such lofty heights that are claimed in it's technical specifications ("Specs"). You look at it and see that is fits so neatly and does not hog up excessive space and you scratch your head. If you get that feeling, shake it off, it won't last long. The small size and non-invasive space this Scanner takes up is not to be looked at as a weakness, rather, as another benefit in the list....another virtual feather in it's cap.


   Let's first look at Set-up, as I know for those folks not as technical as some of us Geeks, high-end technology can be a little confusing at times. I had a cousin in for the holidays and he's always been in fields where the workers do not need to use technology or devices, so I put him to work as my non-technical tester, and I am obligated to mention that he asked in return that I grill some hamburgers....you know...in 20 degree weather. Being a good sport, I obliged (Brrrr!!).

   Anyway, getting back to the point here, I had him follow the steps and he had it up and running in no time flat. You have options to configure the unit via USB or wirelessly, which is great having both options.

   Now, at first, I thought the software was dragging it's feet, but I later attributed that to hardware latency on my end. There are a full set of features with the TWAIN Software, like skew remedies and detection of double-feed, which toggles. You can also set up types of jobs and destinations for the finished product, which is great when you talk about "Efficient Document Management".

   All I ask is that a software be intuitive, and to be an asset, not a hindrance, and that is exactly what Epson accomplishes, with a full-featured, full-functionality partner to go along with it's short but powerful Scanner.

   I touched on this above, because there is an option to toggle (turn on and off) duplicate (simultaneous front and; back) scanning, better known as "duplexing". The Huge 50-page capacity document Auto-Document-Feeder (ADF) is just what the doctor ordered, and with duplex scanning coupled with the software capability to connect the two sides as if they were one, that's pretty darn helpful, folks.

   What does this Scanner specialize in? Legal-sized paper, Sheets of paper, receipts (crumpled up receipts, as well), hard-surface laminated papers and documents, It can even take envelopes, and the spectrum of what it can pass through and reproduce digitally seems endless, at a lightning fast clip.. More on Speed and Quality shortly.

   Setting up my Android and my cousin's Apple devices were a snap (remember.....from a non-technical point-of-view as well as technical).

   I can truly say that we gave this Scanner quite a workout, loading up the ADF to capacity with all shapes and sizes, and through it all, aside from when kicking off a scan, proceeded through with a very low decibel footprint.


   The speed of this unit made me go, "WOW". Again, I go back to seeing the size of the Scanner and being shocked, but then to see this thing churning out docs at a 35 pages per minute speed made me do a test and saw me exceed that by 3 pages, albeit pages with only 60% text coverage.

   Speed is nice...but the finished product is really for all the marbles. How did that wind up going?


   Look, we scanned photos, prints, and some thick items, wondering if there would be smudged looking digital output...I mean there had to be some give-and-take to even out the sheer lightning-fast speed of the Scanner. But there wasn't. After setting our dpi and changing it every so often to test. Seriously, the wrinkled and a little hard to decipher receipts we had became instantly legible It is also very gentle and will not rip, tear or snag even the most decrepit papers you feed through the Scanner.

   With the TWAIN Compatibility, you are able to interface directly into your favorite app, as far as the finished product (the output) goes.


Some other key benefits I like about this Scanner:
  - TWAIN & ISIS Support to cross multiple document/imaging Apps
  - Sharing your storage to the cloud (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc) to experience "Efficient Document Management"
  - The Amazing Epson Warranty that shows how much they truly believe in their product(s)
  - The familiar/easy names that are produced for scanned documents, to ease in locating and filing
  - The ease of using your Android or Apple device to send directly to the scanner.


   Look, I admitted it...I had doubts in the beginning, but it goes to prove the old saying, "Never judge a book by it's cover".

   Taking that thought further, this Scanner meshes with the organized home user on through to the fast-paced bustling business, like, for example, my Real Estate agent and investor 'gangstas' reading this. You often have 2-sided contracts and deeds that need to be scanned in, and as a bonus, needs to fit in sometimes busy and cluttered offices (it folds up nice and neat).

   Taking a step back, you folks know what you need...it's not rocket science. You need reliability, speed, quality, and dependable with the manufacturer putting themselves in the line of fire to guarantee their product. I know for sure this is what you need come Q1 2018. Act wisely!

Have a Great Week, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !
Rob Eisenstein
HomeRun Homes - Rent to Own Homes, since 2002
"Located at the Corner of Technology and Real Estate"
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December 11, 2017

What Happens At The Intersection Of Real Estate And Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency?)

Hi Folks,
   I hope you are having a blast this Holiday season thus far!!

   I think we can all agree we are pretty smart to be where we are, for the most part. Smart businessmen and women know that two of the fastest growing and most attractive industries to invest in today are both Cryptocurrency and Real Estate. This is because these industries have statistically proven to be extremely profitable especially Cryptocurrency which has shown…what…like a whopping percentage increase of up to 5,000% in just this year alone? Most of it, right now, due to Bitcoin,.

   Real Estate has always been on the rise, as it seems to appreciate as years go by having an average yearly increase of 6.4% as it holds a much larger investment scale or base. So, today, let’s take a look at how these two heavyweight investments affect each other and are starting to and will continue to grow together.

   The Cryptocurrency industry has gained a lot of credibility in the last few years because of the established set of rules that has ensured the integrity of data exchange among many users across the globe, without the help of the governments nor any extra or third party.  As a result of this, it has earned the trust of many nations and users globally, and as things have been moving forward, it is seemingly getting the name of “The Global currency” tagged onto it.

   Today the focus has shifted from debates on its potential and security to the fact that it can be used to purchase virtually anything of value from tangible to intangible assets (including Real Estate) in a way that is more instant/quicker, more precise, and more trustworthy than other methods available today. Also, the fact that it not only acts as a universal currency platform, but also as a platform for contracts that automatically executes (ethereum) makes it all better.

   So let’s take a look at some of the major changes that will spring up given the rise of Cryptocurrencies in the Real Estate market.

1.    Smart Contracts and Agreements

   Although we know that smart contracts concepts have been in existence for a very long time, the latest Cryptocurrency programming language pattern holds features that make smart contract functionalities even more evolved/advanced.

  The normal contract patterns seemed to take more time due to trust issues and the involvement of a third party, which costs more money and still does not guarantee complete honesty. If this contract, however, was signed using a digitally signed and computed agreement (smart contract) the contract closing would occur faster because the payment of purchase price would automatically trigger the transfer of asset title, thus eliminating errors and reducing external interference. Even Rent to Own (RTO) can be enhanced, as the tangible product Rent-to-Own platforms employ this platform, electronically executing change of asset title at the completion of payments. It is evolving into the intersection there the two industries meet.

 2. Land Records and Title Insurance-

   The system by which deeds & mortgages are recorded in many developed countries today is very poor, and even more surprising is that Real Estate interest rates are tracked through paper filings tracked by local government offices, which is manually intensive and prone to fraud, putting involved parties at risk. Title insurance, an insurance product, was officially created by Cryptocurrency technology to tackle these problems, by searching public records and incurring the cost associated with the title examination.

   Furthermore, by maintaining its Real Estate records on an online database, most companies would have the ability to provide clarity on ownership of claims on all types of properties (residential and commercial).

   The database created provides, among other benefits, an easily searchable platform, fraud-combating mechanisms, and reduced costs. On completion of a particular search and transaction completion, great tangible technologies like your Epson printer or scanner are also there if you desire to give most transactions a paper trail as well. Although there are some challenges with execution of this in some countries, the possibility of the globalization of this platform is a highly achievable goal.

Conclusion: New Real Estate Investors

   The Real Estate market has always been dominated by a select few, but with the rise of crypto-billionaires, there will be a huge shake up and a resulting rise in property value in the next few years. This is probably the best time to get into the Real Estate market because the Cryptocurrencies are staking their place in our economy, so you need to be in the loop! In the future, I would not be surprised to see some collectibles, for example, Baseball Cards and portfolios of collectibles, being used as a form of currency.

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Have a Great Week, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !
Rob Eisenstein
HomeRun Homes - Rent to Own Homes, since 2002
"Located at the Corner of Technology and Real Estate"
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