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HomeRun Homes is a centralized marketplace which helps people Find or Sell a Rent to Own Home, both Nationwide and Globally to the thriving Rent to Own Market. http://www.lease2buy.com

February 28, 2010

Happy Sunday - Upcoming Items for this week...

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are having an enjoyable, yet, productive, weekend. A few items on the agenda for this week:

1. We will be announcing some new functionality on the site in terms of Feeds and having your Rent to Own Ads in front of a much larger audience, which will definitely make you happy (happier!)
2. We will continue to address questions that we have received re: How-to's, etc.
3. Important Economic News this week:
a. Monday: Construction #'s are coming out (See Here)
b. Tuesday: Pending Home Sales figures will be released (See Here)

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

February 26, 2010

NAR Existing Home Sales Released today.......

Existing-Home Sales for January 2010 will be released today, Friday, February 26, 2010, 10am ET.!

(Cross Your Fingers everyone!!)

February 25, 2010

Now the "World" knows...

You're in good company now - our blog has just been released to the global community via a Press Release (See the Press Release titles, "New Blog on Rent to Own Homes Offers a Personal Touch" at This Link

More helpful and useful information to come...as we have stated before, we want to create the best possible user experience for you when you are looking to buy or sell a Rent to Own Home.

Have a great day !

February 24, 2010

Addressing a Customer's Request...

Hi Everyone,
We just received a question from someone who placed an Ad: "I would like the ability to list by county rather than by city"

This ability is available when placing the Ad (You can enter a slew of cities and counties), and if you did not do that the first time around, you can log into your Control Panel Click Here with your Username and Password to Edit your Ad.

Have a Great Day and Happy Rent-to-Owning !

Site updates

Happy Wednesday - and a rainy one to us here in the Northeastern US.
Look on the bright side...at least we don't have to shovel rain....!

OK, we made a few tweaks to the site, namely, we removed the old 2009 credit card expiration dates, changed all references from MSN to BING, and we have installed some compression software on our web server. Why is that good? That means pages on the site will load even faster for you, and it is all about giving you the best user experience possible!

February 22, 2010

Happy Monday !

Happy Monday to everyone, and may this be a productive week.

I'd like to clarify a few issues that came up, and we'll be doing this every few days.

In response to "I found the site through Yahoo! search. Do you have any Radio or Magazine Ads?"

The answer to this is Yes & Yes
On our Press page (http://www.lease2buy.com/press.php), there is a link there that you can click and listen to our Radio Ad. As for magazines, we will be included in an Ad in Financial Advisor Magazine, as well as in a Major Canadian Real Estate paper, both within the next 2 months.

One other similar one: "Do you Advertise on social sites like craigslist - many homes are listed there! "
The short answer to this is Yes, as some of our Ads do get cross-posted there to provide maximum exposure. As far as general advertising on Craigslist, they seem to shy away from that and classify it as Spam.

Have a great day and we will chime in with answers to some other common questions again very soon.

February 17, 2010

Newest Blog Posing - External Blog

I am now down in South Carolina looking to pick up a few properties for my personal portfolio.

A great friend, Dale Siegel, has done a nice blog post on us at:

Please check it out

February 9, 2010

Blog will move over to lease2buy.com website

So we are now working feverishly in order to move the blog under the umbrella of lease2buy.com

We are working with the kind folks at Google and our Hosting Provider in order to get this squared away.

I'll personally spare you the technical geeky details, but be assured that this will be a good source of behind the scenes information for you.

Juicy tidbit - here is a great link that shows when all of those vital economic indicators are released: http://www.newyorkfed.org/research/national_economy/nationalecon_cal.html

February 7, 2010

Added New Advertising on our site

OK, so we saw a niche and filled it well! Seriously, though, we had tons of requests from cutomers who wanted a broader advertising spectrum on our site, so we started offering a granular approach, i.e. in Welcome E-mails, Renewal mails, in the Newsletter, etc.

So, for the full skinny on all the details, check out the "Breakthrough Approach Permits Granular Marketing to Home Rental Market" Press Release link at http://www.lease2buy.com/press.php

Cheers from your friendly Rent to Own Crew at HomeRun Homes (www.Lease2Buy.com)