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April 15, 2018

One Tough, Speedy Scanner; Epson WorkForce DS-320 Portable Scanner

Hi Folks,
   I hope you are all doing well.

   I know most of you spend a lot of time on the road, so what I am going to discuss with you today might single-handedly impact the way you work going forward. I had the opportunity to test, evaluate, and review the Epson WorkForce DS-320 Portable Scanner...and the cats out of the bag; I love what I saw!

   From the minute I opened up the box and removed the scanner and other items from the box I realized that this thing was built for battle. What I mean by that is this thing could probably take a punch if it had to and keep on going because the structure of it is just so solid. It's really an awesome looking little device.

   Setup was a breeze and only took a few moments to get it going. I had to download the drivers for the document software that comes with the Scanner, Twain/Isis Compliant, and needless to say there was no reboot required after installing the software which is always a good thing!

   So, once I got this bad boy set up I started to give it my stress test by overloading the document feeder and by being a little rough with the machine. It didn't miss a beat in the scanning job it was working on even though I gave it a little shove while it was scanning and it did not show up in my finished product. This is great because things get moved and bumped when you are on the go with a portable device. As for Speed, I can absolutely positively say that I reached 25 pages per minute all black text full document top-to-bottom pages of writing 25 per minute plugged in on AC. I tried it also via USB power and I did get a little bit less than 25 PPM, so AC power is the way to go with this. The Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) I alluded to is quite sturdy and took the overload of pages, because I had double-overloaded it. I wanted to see if it could stand up to the test, but there's no reason to do that; that was just testing the durability of the product to see if it can stand up to that, which is did. By the way....all scanning was whisper quiet!! If you turn your back on it you won't even know that it completed. I wonder if this was intentional, to help those folks on the go since they're going to be in different offices and need a device that would have to keep quiet.

   I like the fact that you can toggle between the double-sided printing or non double-sided printing (duplex or non-duplex) by way of the computer. The software is highly intuitive, for example, you can make up parameters for a specific type of scanning profile and use it later on without having to re-create the settings. Simplicity!

  Another major benefit of the software is that it is able to save directly to the major Cloud drives, such as Dropbox. That is golden when you are on the road a lot. With that in mind, getting back to what I said earlier about this scanner is built for battle/ready for war, I think of the Road Warriors and that is often the sales staff going back and forth all week to different clients in and out of the office, and this is a sturdy device so if they need scanning, the DS-320 will certainly suit their needs. Obviously, it was built portable with movement between different locations in mind, but it really does work perfectly for folks like sales people who are always on the road.

   Further, the fact is you are not tied to just document scanning. You can scan receipts and there is a special slot to slide in your business cards so they are cloud-ready for you.  Yet another hugely helpful feature is the OCR capabilities (optical character recognition), which allows you to create searchable PDF files from things that would normally not be searchable.

   Overall, the Epson WorkForce DS-320 is a great portable scanner. If you have sales staff on the go or are an on the go salesperson, it would be ludicrous to ignore a device that could become one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.

Have a Great Week, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !
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