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September 29, 2010

Rent to Own Indicator and Our Public Speaking Promo Video

Hi All,
   Happy Wednesday to all of you. I have to say that I was so amazed with the reported increase in housing prices, that I Tweeted, "Home Prices Up 5 Months in a Row...Really? Anyone want to help establish a "Rent to Own" Indicator?"

After Tweeting this, I realized a few things that I need to clarify:
1) Not everyone is on Twitter. If you are, you can follow @homerunhomes, and
2) Please don't mistake the Tweet from yesterday as a sarcastic one.

    I would really like to see a Rent to Own/Lease Option indicator (inventory based ?). The only problem that I see outside of actually compiling such an indicator is that it might involve some Government entities a little bit more that what is actually required. What are your thoughts on this? I'm sure there are some strong opinions about this.

   OK, so as the second half of the title suggests ("Public Speaking Promo Video"), we have recorded our Public Speaking intro video right here in the office. Our original announcement about Public Speaking appearances (on Real Estate Investing, Rent to Own Homes, Motivational Techniques, and Business Tips that I have learned along the way while growing the business), can be seen in this Blog Post: http://blogging.lease2buy.com/2010/09/public-speaking-on-rent-to-own-finally.html

   Since the video is quite large, it has been uploaded to YouTube, and can be viewed at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sMr5BY09Pc

   In the next few days, it will also be available on our Public Speaking Page at http://www.lease2buy.com/speak.php

Thank for reading.
Have a Great Day, and Happy Rent to Owning !!!

September 27, 2010

Homes For Under $800/Month? Bargains Are Everywhere !

Hi Everyone,
   Hope you had a nice weekend, and if you're a football fan, I hope your team won (as long as it wasn't against my team !).

   I cannot believe that I read this, but I came across a list of some of the top cities in the country, in which you can purchase a median-priced home (assuming a 20% down-payment) for under $800. Once again, I really cannot believe it!

   Luke Mullins of U.S.News, wrote an article titled, "Where to Buy a Home for Less Than $800 a Month", and I read the article on Yahoo Real Estate. The lowest priced city on the list was Atlanta, which assumes a $123,000 median-priced home, with, "a 20 percent down payment--or $24,600--monthly payments for mortgage principal and interest", or $488 per month. Is that amazing? The only issue would be the 20% down-payment for a lot of folks, nowadays. It would be interesting to re-work the numbers with a 10% down payment, but this would probably alter other factors in the calculations and type(s) of applicable mortgages.

   The next cities listed after Atlanta are Pittsburgh, Boise, Columbia (South Carolina), and Phoenix, all of which clock in at under $600/month, using the same calculation methods. Rounding out the Top 10 are Austin, Sarasota, Albuquerque, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Columbus (Ohio).

   I would be interested in seeing what some of the Eastern Seaboard cities (New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington) would come in with for an average monthly payment. In addition, I would also be curious about the major cities in California. These locations would more than likely be above the others (substantially) due to the higher property prices, but however, it would be interesting to see it and compare it to what the figures were perhaps 2-3 years ago.

   If anyone of our financial/technical readers can re-work these numbers, please feel free to post them as a comment to this post.

Have a Great Week, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !!

September 24, 2010

What Can Go Wrong With Rent to Own ?

Hi Folks,
   It's Friday ! Hope your week has been phenomenal.

   As our title suggests, today we will be looking at some issues that may arise when doing a Rent to Own Transaction, as well as a few solutions to help you out.

   A common problem in this economy is the steady decrease in home prices. This represents an overall problem for the market in general, but it has a specific effect on a Rent to Own deal. For example, Aaron Galvin, Managing Broker of Luxury Living Chicago, says that if a tenant has been renting a private condo or a home for the last year with a specific purchase price which was established at the beginning of the lease term, a decrease in property value will impact the decision of the tenant to buy the property. If the tenant was ready to buy the home, he obviously does not want to overpay.

   Galvin proposes the following solution; "Do not establish a purchase price when signing a lease. Instead, a tenant should disclose their desire to ultimately purchase the property at the end of the lease term and negotiate a percentage of rent back toward the final purchase price.", so, in other words, "No dollar amount should be set until the value of a home is determined at purchase time." This would, of course, be in writing, and agreed to by both parties.

   Gary Parkes, a Mortgage Lender with Acopia Home Loans, suggests some additional solutions, including a few proactive ones. Parkes says that using a realtor, and "having them thoroughly research the comparable properties will help minimize the likelihood of that happening.", however, if this advanced planning does not work and the "house appraises for lower than the agreed price you have a few possible solutions that can resolve this issue."

   Parkes says that, "in a majority of cases the seller will ask for a copy of the appraisal to review and will lower the agreed upon sales price to match the appraisal.", however, if the seller is, "unable or unwilling to do that, the next option would be to meet half way or pay the whole difference." He reminds us that you can decide to pay more that the appraised value, but, "the lender will base how much they lend you on the lower of the sales price or appraised value.". Fortunately, he points out that a situation like this typically is resolved and the purchase does occur.

   Another potential issue is due to potential human interactions, or "PHI", as I like to call it. Shuki Haiminis, President of Lofts.com, has presented an example of this type of issue. Haiminis brought a couple to see a loft development, which they loved so much, that instead of just renting it, they want to do a Rent to Own transaction. The developer hesitantly agreed, but the couple assured him that, "there was no way that they would not be buying the unit."

   Ultimately, the process went forward, and the developer, "put his own money and labor into customizing the space for them with their specific requests.", and Haiminis says that, "While he would probably have made some of the changes, in solely a rental deal he definitely would not have put in as much as he did."

   What was the end result? A Negative PHI...the couple split up! So, "not only did they not buy the Loft but they had to terminate the rental lease as well." Haiminis said that the developer, "should have required a small down payment maybe equal to one months rent to show good faith." This is a good point. Builders/Developers - pay attention to that one !

   Some other things that can happen along the way are issues with the down payment funds and with income statements, and Parkes, who experiences things from the buying aspect daily, and has examined each of these for us.

   Down Payment Money: Parkes says that, "Many people do not realize that they will have to explain where any non-payroll deposits came from and many people do not like having to answer these questions for privacy reasons". Lenders often look over the previous 2 months of bank statements, and they will need to know where the money came from. Parkes suggests that you, "have an account with the money sitting there already for 2 months.", so that you do not need to, "source all your deposits", and that, "Even if you are receiving a gift for a down payment, these same factors can be applied to the gift giver."

   Income: Parkes warns that if you are considering buying a home within the next few years, you need to, "be careful in the amount of write-offs you take on your tax returns", since, "Lenders use the tax returns to determine income in our current lending environment-even for those salaried borrowers such as teachers, non-commissioned employees, etc.". Additionally, he says that, "Yes, you will have to pay more in taxes but it will help you qualify for a loan. It is a tough pill to swallow, but by planning ahead you can prepare", since, "A lender will generally look at the previous two year tax returns in determining income."

   Ultimately, there are pros and cons with any type of real estate transaction. The pros of Rent to Own are being able to try a home before buying it, and being able to get into a home you might not normally be able to under your current circumstances. For a seller, being open to Rent to Own gives you an extra tool to help sell your home, and to have a serious tenant who could potentially own the home and will treat it as if it is already their own home.

Have a Great Weekend, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !

September 22, 2010

Misuse of Tax Funds During Lean Times

Hi Everyone,
   Hope your week is going well. I have a few miscellaneous topics that I would like to touch on today.

   I'd first like to rant about the silly misuse of tax funds during lean times. In Central Long Island, we have many double-yellow two-way roads that weave through multiple different communities. The problem is that the traffic always tends to back up due to the growing population, coupled with the fact that it is only one-lane Eastbound and one-lane Westbound.

   Now, fortunately, towards the end of last year, they began a project which we believed would be to widen the road (2 lanes Eastbound/2 lanes Westbound). They reclaimed property from the sides of the road, cut down trees, and tied up traffic even further with this project. However, after a few punctured tires and ruined front-ends on our cars, we stuck it out, assuming that we will all be in a much better place with that extra lane.

   Pay Attention - here is the kicker; They are putting an island in the middle of the road to separate it ! Almost one year of work just for an island? OK, in all fairness, I think that there will be a left turning lane carved into the island, but was that really worth the effort and the capital expenditure?

   Now that my rant is over, we received an interesting suggestion that we are considering, and it was from a Real Estate Agent that said we should let Agents put their picture on their Realtor/Home Services Ad. This is a very good point, and it is something that we will discuss with our developer. Please keep the suggestions coming in...it is our way of making sure you are happy

   As for the Public Speaking Appearances, we are currently in talks with 2 different East Coast REIAs, a West Coast Real Estate Investing Group, A Real Estate Wealth Investing EXPO, a Canadian Real Estate Convention, and a few other parties. Some of the topics that will be discussed at these events (by yours, truly), are Rent to Own Homes, Real Estate Investing, analysis of deals, marketing yourself, finding deals, staying motivated, and staying focused. Please make sure you reserve me for your next event, since it appears that I will be quite busy the next few months with these venues.

Have a Great Week, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !

September 20, 2010

4 Years Until a Housing Bottom ?

Hi Folks,
   I hope you had a great weekend, and welcome back. I'd like to thank all of our contest winners from Friday, and be sure to watch for new contests coming up very soon.

   "The Case for a Housing Bottom in 2013-14" - does that stun you? How about the following analysis; "Bubbles tend to rise and fall in symmetry, meaning that a bubble that took seven years to reach its apex typically takes about the same period to time to retrace to its starting point.". These are just a few of the points mentioned in an article on DailyFinance.com by Charles Hugh Smith. The article is worth a read, and for those who own multiple properties, take something for your stomach acid before reading the article.

   On a similar note, there are some important housing numbers being released this week:

   Tue 9/21 - Loan Performance Housing Price Index (MORE INFO HERE)
   Tue 9/21 - New Residential Construction (MORE INFO HERE)
   Wed 9/22 - FHFA House Price Index (MORE INFO HERE)
   Thu 9/23 - NAR Existing Home Sales (MORE INFO HERE)
   Fri 9/24 - New Residential Sales (MORE INFO HERE)

   It's worth it to take a look at these numbers as they come out. There are a million theories out there regarding the economy and the housing market. Is the sky falling? Well, for a lot of folks, it already has.

   I like to look at it as follows: The "Chicken Little" is someone who runs around claiming that the sky will fall, the "Optimist" is one who has the intestinal fortitude and cash reserves to stay the course and stay positive. The remainder are those who have lost their jobs and their homes. It is a sad mix, with a disproportionate amount of people falling into the remainder category.

   You know what? We are a strong country that has been through many hardships before. With a little optimism in the darkest days, the days of prosperity will return...they just have to. Everyone knows this. The questions is..."WHEN?".

Stay Strong !

Have a Great Week, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !!

September 17, 2010

Lucky Number 100 !

Good Morning,

   As you may be wondering about the odd title of this post, today we're celebrating our 100th Blog Post (Woo Hoo!). In looking back over the past 99 previous posts, we have listed our top 5 posts (based on traffic and votes), in descending order:

#1: "5 Tips For Buying a Second Home/Condo for Investment or Vacation"

#2: "Has the Housing Market Impacted Curb Appeal?"

#3: "Short Sales - What Do You Need to Know?"

#4: "Are Timeshares Truly Related to Real Estate Investing?"

#5: "Right Time to Buy? Top Real Estate Investing Markets"


   We want to take the time and thank you for being loyal readers of our Blog, and we invite you to receive a hard copy (PDF) of some of our earlier posts ("oldies, but goodies").
   For the first 10 people who send an E-mail to homebuyer@lease2buy.com with the subject, "Lucky Number 100 Blog Contest", we will send you a copy of this via return mail.

   Did you send the mail yet? These contests close very quickly, so don't delay.

   We hope to post 100,000 more entries that will entice you, inspire you, and enlighten you.

Have a Great Weekend, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !!

September 15, 2010

Do REIA Memberships Still Have a Pulse?

Hi Folks,
   As we move into mid-week, we have been speaking with some folks that are involved with and/or administer Real Estate Investing Associations (REIA), along with some other Real Estate Investing Club contacts.

   In doing so, I realized that this would be an interesting topic to cover, from the angle of membership, during these days of housing market and economic turmoil.

   One such individual, Jeremy Burgess, the owner of Renegade Detroit Investors, says that, "Attendance numbers have been consistent". Concurring with this statement is Marc Sherby, a board member of the Diversified Real Estate Investor Group (DIG) in Fort Washington, PA, who says that, "We are a fairly large group, currently with membership at about 1,000 members", and that, "Our membership is actually on the rise in the past 12 months."

   Burgess goes on to say that they are getting less "beginning real estate investors and more experienced real estate investors". He says that the more expert investors are attending the meeting, which was not the case before." Burgess cites the decrease in interest to the beginners as attributable to the fact that, "they don't see this as a viable option, and more interest from those who are more experienced but looking for an edge".

   In terms of a trend in membership over the past few years, Sherby says that in 2009, "membership numbers nationwide were in serious decline and some of the RE investing groups around the country were closing up", since membership was as, "decimated as the real estate market itself."

   Sherby says that their membership is growing stronger since they are stressing to their members that, "contrary to what you hear in the news, now is a great time to be investing in real estate.", and that they are using multiple techniques to attract and keep members, such as a monthly newsletter, email blasts, postcard and mailings.

   From my own personal perspective, for quite some time, I have done private speaking engagements, and as you all know, I recently announced that I will be giving public speaking appearances. Since we have made that announcement, we have been deluged with requests from REIAs (#REIA) and Real Estate Investor Groups (#RealEstateInvestor) for me to speak at their meetings, conventions, expos, cruises, etc. From the response I have received, it appears that there is still an active and hungry desire to learn more about Real Estate Investing.

   What can we take from all of this? Real Estate Investing is going strong, and if you want to get involved and learn more, or even brush up on your skills, contact your local REIA. Here is a very good directory of Real Estate Investing club/REIA directories that I want to share with you: http://www.larrygoins.com/reiadirectory.asp

   As always, the floor is open for your questions and comments...over to you!

Have a Great Day, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !!

September 13, 2010

Has the Housing Market Impacted Curb Appeal?

Good Morning All,

   Hope you had a great weekend. We spent the weekend cleaning out our attic, as well as shuttling our toddler to his classes and an ice cream party (Sugar Rush - Not good).

   It's funny how things shift in tandem when the housing market changes. Most practices and techniques are put under a microscope and are re-invented. One of those practices is preparing a home for maximum curb appeal. Today, we'd like to take a look at how the downturn in the real estate and housing markets has impacted the definition of curb appeal.

   "It is curb appeal that is designed to provide a positive first impression.", says Lisa Mekovsky, Owner of 3 Rivers Home Staging. She tells us that the, "definition of curb appeal has not changed, but its importance has dramatically increased.", and that this is due to fiercer competition.

   Julie Taché, a Broker with Homes with Cachet, concurs, and says, "More than ever, the visual has taken an important role in how buyers choose real estate. With so many properties available, an "ok" or "so-so" home may become just a drive-by, with buyers preferring the homes with substantially more curb appeal." Kimberly Gauthier, a photographer and homeowner in Washington State, has first-hand experience from both sides of the table, and she admits that they did, "most of our house hunting on line, so if the pictures weren't good, then there was a good chance that we wouldn't bother viewing the homes; there were just too many listings and this was a good way to shorten our list."

   Most of the experts we spoke with have agreed on landscaping as the most important piece of the curb appeal puzzle. Gauthier suggests adding flowers everywhere, since having a "few shrubs just didn't appeal to women. By adding loads of color, hanging baskets, and wine barrels with things growing, our showings increased.". From her point of view as a potential buyer, she said that, "Neglected landscaping will prompt me to move on to the next listing."

   Heather Logrippo of Distinctive Homes Online has weighed in with a few opinions from her expert clients. Kelly O'Ryan the Office manager of Coldwell Banker in Lexington, Ma, says that it is important to make sure that the, "Lawn is free from leaves and overgrown grass", and that it, "sound simple, but makes a huge difference".

   Elaine Leonard, the Sales Director for Northland Residential, a developer in New England, says that, "Even if you've lived in your home for 25 years, don't discount adding new trees or shrubs, they can really do wonders for the landscaping".

   O'Ryan also suggests that you, "Add a splash of color in the front - whether it's painting the front door an inviting red or adding planters with colorful plants by the front door". It's also important to keep the exterior of your home neat and organized. She advised that you make sure all yard tools and children's toys are put away, since, "you want your prospective buyer to envision living in the home which can be hard if they see your items before they even walk in the door."

   Leonard suggests adding a beautiful mailbox, which she admits sounds crazy, but she says that, "you have no idea how a beautiful mailbox can add a nice finishing touch", and , "like accessories on an outfit, a mailbox is the perfect last accessory on your home to make it appear finished and beautiful. Leonard also suggests that you do the "Hardscaping", which is, "anything from a walkway to a patio.", and , "If you have old, broken or cracked driveways or walkways, investing a little in hardscaping to fix them will pay off in the long run!"

   "Sellers must make sure the entire exterior of the home looks clean, fresh, and professionally maintained.", suggests Taché, and she advised all work (bricks, steps, siding, power washing, roof, etc) be completed before listing. She adds that, "Hiring a professional (stager for inside, landscaper for outside) are a worthwhile investment - as these people know what the public desires, and can make cost-effective suggestions to get the home its best possible showing condition!".

   As Taché concludes, "The first few weeks on market are so crucial that making sure it photographs well and that a potential buyer will see it in a positive light have never been more important to get them in the front door!"

   I hope that these tips will help you in getting more people to see your home. As a side note, however, please note that we find that these tips are "not as important" when people are looking to Rent to Own your home. Notice that I said, "not as important", since people certainly differ.

   Do you have any other tips to share? Have you done any wild things to spruce up your home in order to give it more curb appeal? We'd all love to read your comments !

Have a Great Week, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !

September 10, 2010

Florida Snowbirds and Florida Real Estate

Hi All,

   Hard to believe that it is Friday, but that's what happens when you have the "short week". Fall is in the air, and somewhere out there, there is a huge pumpkin with my name on it!

   I wanted to share a great new article in which we have had a nice write-up, and it is titled, "FLORIDA REAL ESTATE: Numbers are right for snowbird buyers", written by Janet Groene for Forever Young News (a "50-Plus" lifestyle magazine).

   The excerpt that mentions us is as follows:

"If you don’t yet own a winter place and want to try several before you buy, look into a rent-to-own situation. An international group, Lease2Buy.com, puts prospective buyers in homes that are for sale, then gives them the option to buy after an agreed period. Robert Eisenstein of HomeRun Homes in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY can work with northerners who want a rent-to-own winter home situation in the sunbelt.", and, "He observes, “Central Florida has been beaten down and is prime for a comeback. The Miami-Dade market seems fickle to us but we are seeing tons of requests so there is definitely some play there as well.”
   We are always glad to give our opinion on different markets across the country, since our website stats tell us where the homes and/or the buyers are, where prices are trending, and more.

   By the way...have YOU placed your Home on our website yet (VISIT THIS LINK TO DO IT NOW) ? Have YOU placed your Request for a Home on our website yet (VISIT THIS LINK TO DO IT NOW) ?

Have a Great Weekend, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !!

September 8, 2010

Are Timeshares Truly Related to Real Estate Investing?

Hi Folks,

   Hope you are having a good "shortened" week so far.

   A request from our mighty mailbag has asked about the relationship between Timeshares and Real Estate Investing, and we spoke to a few people "in the know" about this.

   Lisa Ann Schreier, a consumer advocate with "The Timeshare Crusader", says that, "While buying a timeshare in the United States generally involves a deeded piece of real estate, that’s really where most of the similarities to general real estate end.", and that it should only be thought of as an investment in future vacations, since the value of a timeshare, "drastically decreases the moment it is purchased" and is not a very liquid purchase.

   Peter Giamalva, a partner with Creative Impact, says that, "A timeshare purchase can complement your overall real estate investments since you choose a timeshare to meet your lifestyle vacation needs", and suggests that you, "buy in locations where supply is limited and demand is high to maximize exchange value and improve your future selling options." Giamalva continues to say that, "like any good investment strategy, beneficial real estate investing requires diversification, and as you broaden your investments, you want to be active in different locations and different markets (annual versus seasonal for instance).”

   Schreier, however, points out that most timeshares are real estate based, and that consumers must know "that they are dealing with licensed real estate agents when purchasing or selling timeshare; whether on the primary or the secondary market." She warns that the secondary timeshare market is "rife with unlicensed organizations and persons charging an upfront fee, which is NOT the way real estate must be handled."

   Alan Brody, a Timeshare Owner, says that, "There are companies that actually charge you $2500 - $4000 to get RID of your timeshare because of the succession issue in timeshare contracts".

   "For consumers looking to buy a timeshare", says Schreier, there are "three basic questions I advise them to honestly answer before making any purchase:"

1. Do you understand the product (weeks, points, floating, fixed, etc.)?
2. Will you in all likelihood use the product?
3. Would you pay that amount of money “anyway” on future vacations?
.....Additionally, she says that, "any one 'no' is a deal-breaker for me."

   What are your thoughts on the timeshare market? Do you Agree or Disagree? We'd love to hear your opinion.

Have a Great Day, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !!

September 6, 2010

$750,000 ? The Top Price Paid for a New Home ?

Good Morning Everyone,

   Hope you have a nice and relaxing Labor Day planned for today. I didn't plan on laboring today, however, I consider this a labor of love. Too corny? Please accept my apologies as it is quite early here !

A few things worth mentioning:

1. Interesting News: A good friend of mine brought the following article to my attention, titled, "No New McMansions Sold in July", which states that, "Not a single new home priced above $750,000 sold in July or June", and, "As for houses priced between $500,000 and $750,000, only 1,000 new units were sold last month. When it comes to new homes that did find buyers in July, more than 80% were priced under $300,000." Chew on those numbers....what does it mean for new homes that were built and were priced over $750,000? How about the custom builders out there who built those $1 Million or higher-priced "McMansions"? Re-read this paragraph and realize the true state of things, and how the economy appears to be hitting the higher-end consumer, who usually weather the economic storms quite well. Thanks to my friend for letting me know about this story so that I can share it with my readers.

2. General Economic News: No housing-related releases are planned for this week, however, we need to keep an eye on Obama and the next round of modifications he is planning for upside-down homes (where your mortgage is greater than the value of your home).

3. Website News: You now have the ability to delete your Ads and replace them with new ones. You would log into your account via the Control Panel, and then click "Edit Ads", and click delete.

More news to come this week!

Have a Great Labor Day, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !

September 3, 2010

Our Radio Commercial on Rent to Own

Hi Folks,

   Labor Day Weekend is upon us, if you can believe it ! For those of you (like myself) that is feeling the brunt of Hurricane Earl, we ask that you please be safe and be careful.

   A short while back, We had a radio commercial that was created by the good folks at WBLI Radio in New York, and the commercial is attached to this Blog post as an audio (MP3) attachment. This goes hand-in-hand with part of our vision for the past 8 years - to have a Global Focus, while keeping an eye on the markets in our own backyard. Take this as part of some solid business advice.

   We have had a pretty nice reply to our Public Speaking Appearance offer thus far. Make sure that you book me, since the end of year tends to be quite busy for us. We'll talk Rent to Own, Real Estate, Business, and Motivational techniques, all live and direct to your audience. Learn more and reserve your preferred dates before too long at http://www.lease2buy.com/speak.php

Be Safe, Have a Great Weekend, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !

September 1, 2010

Public Speaking on Rent to Own? Finally !

Hi All,

   Hope you are having a Great Day !

   We have had a lot of feedback and requests for us to provide Public Speaking appearances, and please be assured, we have listened to you ! In response, we have just released the following Press Release on the wires about that new service we are offering:

For Immediate Release:

HomeRun Homes
(631) 676-3609
(631) 574-2420

Rent to Own Home Executive Offers Speaking Appearances

Ronkonkoma, New York, September 1, 2010 - The President and Chairman of HomeRun Homes HomeRun Homes (www.Lease2Buy.com) has committed to speak publicly on Rent to Own, the rapid success of his company, and on business and motivational topics.

Rent to Own, Business Development, and Motivational Techniques

Robert Eisenstein, the President and Chairman of HomeRun Homes (http://www.Lease2Buy.com), who has led the company through a number of ups and downs in the Real Estate market since 2002, has announced that he will now commit himself to speak at Conventions, Real Estate Meetings, and other Business-related gatherings.

Eisenstein, in previous years, had turned down such requests, stating that he, "needed to pour 100% of himself into expanding HomeRun Homes into the one-stop shop for Rent to Own". Most recently, Eisenstein has said that there is a wealth of knowledge that he has accumulated over the past 8 years in terms of, "the rent to own market, business creation, business development, and general motivational techniques", which is all, "critical information for anyone looking to climb their way to success".

Eisenstein hold a Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA Finance '92) from Baruch College in New York City, and has both a Financial and a Technical background (Microsoft Engineer and Cisco Certified), which many have recognized as the driving force behind the success of the company.

In capturing increasingly wider Press coverage, the company was recently featured in AOL Patch, in a new American Express Magazine, in "Canadian Real Estate Magazine", and in multiple other publications and Blogs, which can all be read in the Press Center on their website.

For additional information on the topic, "Rent to Own Home Executive Offers Speaking Appearances", please visit http://www.Lease2Buy.com


HomeRun Homes is a Centralized Marketplace which helps people Buy or Sell a Rent to Own Home, a Commercial Property, or to offer Home Services nationwide and globally to the thriving Rent to Own market.

- END -

We hope that this satisfies your requests, and we certainly look forward to discussing Rent to Own and the Real Estate Market at your next convention or other venue. For more information and to reserve space, please continue here: http://www.lease2buy.com/speak.php

Have a Great Day, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !!