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March 5, 2010

Friday, Indeed.....

Hi All,
We have made it through another week (for those of you who don't work an 8-day week!). So congrats to everyone.
This week, we have made some very solid strides in syndicating our content (pushing it out) to other Real Estate websites, and we have seen a strong spike in Ad responses, which is telling us that it is working. When visitors are responding to your Rent to Own Ads, it makes us very, very happy.
OK, now some people have said we are a little wordy on our home page, and we have listened to you. After a number of us reviewed the page, we just cannot truncate the top section any more than we already have. There are a number of initial points that needed to be made, and the page addresses each point as concisely as possible. However, we will take a periodic look at it and see if we can condense it any more going forward.

We hope everyone has a fantastic, safe and enjoyable weekend.

Happy Rent-to-Owning !

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