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March 2, 2010

Syndication, Speed & Home Descriptions

Good Day to All,
As we finally have dug ourselves out of yet another storm here in the Northeast, we continue to make your experience with our website better every day.
Here is what we have done over the past few days:
Syndicating Content:
Twitterfeed is now updating Twitter & Facebook with the content of our website. We are also working on better ways to have the syndicated website feeds of our Ads in front of an even larger audience to bring you more Rent to Own traffic than you can handle, thus, more sellers and buyers responding to your Ads!
Speed of the Website:
We are working on some speed issues with the Home Page, and we have added some compression software. If all goes well, we will work on other major pages on the site.

Question of the Day:
"The homes description are hard to understand (exp ranch - hi ranch, etc..)".

Answer of the Day:
The reason that we do it this way is since we took a state by state survey of what people referred to for different images we sent them, and when a 75% majority called it a certain type of home, this is the title we use. However, you can always expand on your description in the "Description" section of your Ad.

Have a great week and Happy Rent-to-Owning !

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