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November 22, 2011

Oh, Those Crazy Closings!

Good Morning,
   As we all get ready for Turkey overload, I'd like to welcome you back!

   Selling a home? If so, do you savor the day it sells? Is the thought of the sale going through as juicy a thought as the Turkey gravy dancing through your head? Not so fast. "Reaching an agreement doesn't mean your home is as good as sold", writes Margarette Burnette for the HSH.com website article, "4 weird closing glitches (and how to avoid them)".

The Glitches that Burnette writes about are:

1 Liens
2 Termites
3 Renters in residence
4 Parties don't have enough money for closing
* Bonus from my own personal experience - "In writing" !

   Liens, says Cynthia Jones, a real estate attorney with Horack, Talley, Pharr & Lowndes, P.A., a law firm in Charlotte, N.C., are "any unpaid bills you have from delinquent property taxes, homeowners association dues or even past remodeling work", in comments appearing in Burnette's article. For any such liens, Jones suggests that you can "try to work out an agreement with" the party you owe money to", i.e., a payoff.

   As for our wood-chewing nemesis, termites, Barry Hildebrandt, broker/owner of WCI Real Estate in Riverside, Calif, says that "Many home sale contracts are drafted with contingencies that allow the buyer to inspect the home before going through with the sale". What should you do? Make sure you inspect and clear out the little buggers in advance!

   If you have people residing in/renting your property, you will want them out by the Closing, and Jones suggests that you, "make sure your lease agreement provides enough time for your tenants to move before you close on the property and hand the keys over to your buyers".

   The next potential glitch can hit either the buyer, the seller, or both parties. Burnette suggests that buyers should still be "preapproved for their loans in order to help make the process go more smoothly", and warns that if the buyers have not "properly calculated how much they'll need to bring to closing", they could fall very short and it could impact completion of the deal, thus, the Closing.

   If sellers are underwater on their mortgage, says Jones. they may have trouble coming up with the funds to pay off their own loan at closing, however, she suggests that in order avoid such issues, make sure that both parties have a "clear understanding" of the amount of money that needs to change hands at the closing. Sound Advice.

   Here's my bonus tip, prefaced with a little story. When we purchased our home, we were quoted an interest rate 1/4 point below what the Closing papers said. You may scoff at a 1/4 point, but on $400,000, that's big money! To top it off, our mortgage guy was on vacation for the closing. I was able to have his secretary patch me through to him from the closing table, and I shed a piece of my mind on him. Short of delaying the closing (and delaying our movers, etc), we agreed on a compensation to us which turned out to be quite fair. Long story short; get everything in writing before the closing!

   Did we miss anything?

   May you have a blessed and joyous Thanksgiving, and I continue to be thankful for my family, friends, and the joy of writing these posts for your enjoyment. We will not be posting Friday, however, will be back with you during the following week.

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Have a Great Week, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !
Rob Eisenstein
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April 11, 2011

Property Taxes, Up or Down?

Hi Folks,

   Hope you had a great weekend. As always, honored to have you back with me today.

   Property Taxes - up or down? That is the question that we will be examining today.

   "Property taxes must head up. States are running huge deficits and they need to be funded somehow.", says Howard M. Rosen, a CPA with Conner Ash P.C.. Rosen goes on to say that since property taxes are, "generally the greatest revenue source for a state this is the only way a state can make a dent in its deficit", and adds that, "the federal stimulus payments to the states are about to end so this lack of federal funding must also be made up", and therefore, "In short, property taxes will rise and will rise sharply."

   David Nykanen, a real estate attorney, says that a majority of his practice is representing owners in property tax appeals, and he says that, "Many communities in Michigan, frankly, are running out of money to process refunds when I am successful in lowering a property taxes. So, you would think the natural response would be to seek a higher millage rate, to increase taxes overall. However, given the economy, many of those communities that have attempted to raise millage rates through elections (which are required) have been unsuccessful". The forecast from Nykanen is as follows; "in the short term, I see property tax rates holding steady, with perhaps some communities slightly raising rates. And for those who challenge their assessments, I see the property tax assessments going down, lowering those owners overall tax obligations."

   As we all know, the issue of taxes, and especially property taxes, is always a hotbed for debate. Mike Arman, a Florida resident and "property tax payer", says that, "Taxes are like crack cocaine for governments - the more they get the more they want", and that even though, "the assessment goes down the millage (and net tax) goes up". Arman sees taxes going Up ("Way Up"), and uses an old Chinese expression: "The government grew fat, the peasants grew lean".

   What are your thoughts on this? Do you see property taxes going up or down in your state? We'd love to hear from you.

Have a Great Week, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !
Rob Eisenstein
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November 1, 2010

Rent, Buy, Or Rent to Own ?

Hi Folks,

   I Hope you had a safe Halloween with a lot of treats. Please forgive me if my style of writing is a little odd today, as the sugar rush is quite fierce this year. It is the First of November, and any way that I look at it, I am now a year older!

   A few months back, we covered the topic of, "Rent vs. Buy" in a separate post, and a few weeks ago, we followed up on the topic with a post titled, "Revisiting the Rent vs. Buy Debate". Molly Line of FoxNews recently ran a story titled, "Shattered Dreams: To Rent or Buy, That is the Question", of which I thought might be of interest to you.

   In the above-mentioned article, Line asks the question, "...is it really wiser to buy during a time of economic uncertainty? Or is renting a better bargain?". She spoke with some experts who point to the fact that people who are buying now have their financial "house" in order, and it would make sense for them to buy a home. On the other side of the debate, Line points to the positive side of renting, which means, "no property taxes, no upkeep costs, no paying for a new roof or dishwasher."

   Ultimately, there is no fine line that delineates a region of the country where people are just buying or renting...there are just trends (see http://blogging.lease2buy.com/2010/10/revisiting-rent-vs-buy-debate.html). The financial condition of the prospective buyer, the prospective tenant, or the prospective tenant/buyer (in the case of Rent to Own), would seem as if it would override most factors. Do they have a lot of debt? How is their credit? Do they have a job? Do they need a job? Just some food for thought.

   Please send us your comments and suggestions, as they always prove valuable for your fellow readers here.

Have a Great Week, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !
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