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March 9, 2015

Epson's Workforce Printer Raises the Bar and Cuts Costs

Hi folks,
   I hope everyone is keeping warm out there and driving carefully. Winter has been insane here in the Northeast, and March and April can still get crazy out there.

   I'm pretty psyched today, because I had the opportunity to test out and review another great printer from the good folks at Epson. I've had a lot of requests for technology tips and office equipment upgrade tips for your Sales Team Offices and Satellite Offices, and I heard you all loud and clear. I am in talks with the Epson PR team with the goal of testing out more of their powerhouse equipment so that I may provide you with such reviews like the one today. The Customer asks, I smile and provide. That's my one simple rule that has allowed me to grow HomeRun Homes over the past 13 years.

Tech-time, and then we'll get human:

Printer: Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4630
Product Code: C11CD10201

Out of the Box Info:
 Multi-Funtion: Print, Copy, Scan, Fax
 30,000 Page-per-month Duty Cycle
 20 ppm ISO Black and 20 ppm ISO Color
 330-sheet paper capacity (in the trays)
 Uses PrecisionCore technology (Amazing! It shoots out about 40 million precisely accurate dots every second).

First Impression...

   This printer, just based on aesthetics alone, looks very "Cool". This machine is dressed for success! If you have clients coming in-house, this machine really paints the picture of a professional, cutting-edge office that is just buzzing with a team taking charge and helping their clients efficiently.

   Most importantly, it works exactly as you would expect from an Epson Printer. Immediately and hassle-free, it picked up and was connected via our WiFi. No sweat, and believe me, many "other" printers hassle folks right from the start and play hard-to-get with your Wifi, and that's just bad for everyone.

   The wide color screen is a very nice feature, and extremely intuitive. As a matter of fact, I tested it over a period that spanned over a weekend, so on that weekend, my son (who is 8 years old) came into the office with me and tested the steps to scan, fax, and also copy a document after I ran through them myself. So, yes, it's real easy, folks!

Quality performance at affordable pricing.

   Earlier, I mentioned the 40 million dots this shoots per second, so the fact that this thing is lightning fast should not come as a surprise. It is seriously fast. Don't step away to grab your coffee, because your print-job has already printed! Further, it's whisper quiet, which helps in a world already surrounded by rings and beeps and all other noise clutter.

   Print Quality is also important, and for me, I tend to grab the paper right in the middle, as bad as that habit is, and then it smudges. I did the same thing multiple times during my tests, and there was not a single smudge or smear.

   I was curious and I compared the printout from the 4630 to a print job I sent simultaneously to my fairly new laser printer. It's important for me to mention this; you cannot tell the difference. The quality is pretty much identical to the laser printer, and a few other folks commented on how the printout that came from the 4630 had such "Deep and rich colors that make the photos jump right off the page". That's some excellent feedback right there, folks!

This is the clincher

   OK, Money, Money, Money. I can tell you this: If you begin using the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4630, your color-printing budget expenditures will drop. This printer will cut down on your color-printing costs. The "How" is no secret when you look at the page-output of the ink cartridges. The ink that comes in the box with the printer can top out at approximately 1000 black print pages and also 1000 color print pages. If you are the type who tends to worry over ink usage, there is some great news everyone will love. The replacement cartridges for the black ink and the 3 colored inks have the capacity to push out 2600 pages per black ink cartridge and 2000 pages per color ink cartridge. When I tell you that these cartridges cost about $42-$45 each (on Epson.com), and when you do the math with those types of high-output quantities, it makes the cost of these cartridges seem almost trivial. It's what I would call "power-user page-output" at a rock-bottom per-page cost.

   I really liked how I was able to print from my mobile, and it's compatible w/Google Cloud Print. and you are also able to seamlessly print from your Apple devices. This printer seems like the features and bells and whistles included were endless!

   Overall, I was very pleased with the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4630 printer. I will continue to discuss my goals with Epson, which is to bring more of their printers and other technology to your attention. This might even make Epson your default choice when upgrading or expanding to new offices.

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Have a Great Week, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !

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