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August 29, 2011

Rent, Own, or the Hybrid of Rent to Own?

Hi Folks,
   Welcome back, and I hope all of you made it safely through Hurricane Irene, and ironically, this weekend was the 6-Year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. I am still without power, as I post this from a laptop with draining power and through my wireless Droid hotspot. But...the show must go on...

   Oftentimes, when people are renting a home, they get to a point where they realize that they are paying their landlord's mortgage, putting the landlord's kids through college, or any of a million other ways to spin it. But with the complete change in the "norm" that has taken place over the last few years, these thoughts need to be seriously weighed in light of many other factors.

   David Getson, a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Residential in the District of Columbia, was recently quoted in a story by Michele Lerner ("Rent-vs.-own equation changing"), and said that the decision to buy a home vs. rent a home is, “Usually this is an emotional decision rather than a financial one, based on their desire for a dog, to start a family, to put down roots or just to have the ability to paint their walls whatever color they want.”

   Lerner writes that the decision to move from renter to homeowner was "simpler in 2005 for two reasons", which she points to as the "trajectory" of real estate prices that made buyers "comfortable that the property purchase would be a good investment", coupled with the fact that mortgage lenders "made it easy for buyers to qualify, even if they lacked cash and had yet to demonstrate a pattern of creditworthiness." However, she writes, the decision nowadays required "more measured thinking about the emotional impact and the financial implications of purchasing a home."

   Getson advises that potential buyers must look at their lifestyle today and the lifestyle they expect to have in 5+ years. In the same story, Bennett Whitlock, a financial adviser and managing director of Whitlock and Associates in Lake Ridge, Va., said, "becoming a homeowner should be part of an overall financial plan rather than a simple rent-versus-own decision."

   Lerner says that instead of contacting a Realtor as a first step (as most potential buyers do), they really should visit a lender and estimate how much they can borrow. Mark Goldstein, president of Capitol Funding in Rockville, adds that some important factors are Job Security, the amount of time the buyers plan to stay in the home, and suggests that buyers should assume 5+ years in the home to recoup costs and see appreciation (similar to the comments of Getson).

   Financially, Getson says that buyers today, "seem to recognize that their comfort level with the monthly payment is more important than borrowing as much as they are approved for". With that in mind, Whitlock suggests to avoid spending more than 33% of your gross monthly income on housing costs. As for a security cushion to cover home maintenance and repairs, Goldstein recommends that you keep some cash reserves on hand.

   Goldstein suggests that one way he advises buyers to prepare for homeownership is to, "take the difference between their current rent and their prospective mortgage payment and put that money in a savings account each month”, and adds that this helps the prospective buyer "get used to the monthly payment and make sure they are comfortable with it, rather than finding out six months after they bought a house that they are paying too much for their mortgage". Definitely a fantastic idea!

   Rent or Own? Decisions, Decisions...! How about the best of both worlds...Rent to Own? Great idea? Yes, I know...shameful promotion time...Rent to Own Homes via our website (HomeRun Homes). OK, sometimes we plug the site...the idea is not to abuse it !

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Have a Great Week, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !
Rob Eisenstein
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November 5, 2010

Best Markets For Commercial Real Estate Investing

Commercial Real Estate Investing
Hi Folks,

   Hope everyone made it through this week a few steps ahead of where you were on Monday.

   Since we always look at Real Estate and Rent to Own from the Residential angle, today we're going to take a look at Commercial Real Estate Investing, along with some information and some forecasts that could prove quite valuable for you.

   We spoke with two individuals that are quite well-versed in the Commercial Real Estate market, and we asked them about which markets are the best right now, and what the outlook is going forward.

   Our first comments come from Shari Olefson, a Real Estate Lawyer, Author, and an expert panelist who frequently appears on CNBC, MSNBC, FOX, CNN, and CSPAN. Olefson says that the best Commercial Real Estate (CRE) markets, "mirror the best - or least worst - residential markets.", and that, "Folks perceive home wealth gains or losses as more permanent than stock markets gains or losses". Olefson says that home equity gains/losses are spread across all socio-economic groups, while only the top 1/3 of Americans hold most of the stock. "Why does this matter?"; Olefson said that, "since CRE values (occupancy and rates) depends on tenants or occupants generating income which oftentimes comes (from)  folks in or near that geographic location.", and that, "When those folks feel poor they don't spend"

   Olefson offers some tips for Investors with strong staying power, in that, "they may find the best deal in longer terms non cashing flowing asset purchases from lenders. For example defunct residential projects in Florida. And particularly where FDIC loss share agreements are involved.". She also says that, "For now acquiring banks are not selling notes on these deals as the guidelines for pricing notes from the FDIC are not clear.", and , "As a result these assets are having to go thru the entire foreclosure process. But once this kink is resolved those CRE note purchases may be good values. Knowing the terms of a banks loss share agreement is helpful as during the time immediately before those expire banks will be especially eager to try to deal."

   We also spoke with Denise Beeson, a Commercial loan officer with Bay Sierra Financial, Inc., who states that, "If you are a professional i.e. MD, dentist, podiatrist, or small business owner, etc. this is the ideal time to buy your building under the SBA 504 program (10%) down, or through a commercial loan (25-35% ) down with interest rates this low.". The reason, she says, is that, "Owner occupied buildings are very appealing to the professional or business owners who have paid rent/leased and the building owners are interested in selling."

   Beeson believes that the market will continue to be, "rather 'soft' in the next 2-3 years as buyers recoup from financial problems i.e. stock market decreases, vacancies, depressed real estate prices.", and that the economy has to stabilize before you will see any active purchasing.". Beeson does go on to say that, "the private money market is prospering since commercial investors always need money to buy or refi outside of the traditional banking avenues."

   Overall, it does truly seem a mirror image of the Residential situation, but usually lags behind the events in the Residential spectrum. If you have anything to add to this, such as promising CRE markets, or anything additional, please comment below.

Have a Great Weekend, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !
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