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April 14, 2010

FHA, Rent to Own, Foreclosure...

Good Day Everyone,

Just wanted to say how amazed we are at all of the Scams taking place to beat people out of the $8,000 Tax Credit. We have seen and heard a lot of horror stories, so please, no matter how desperate you are to buy or sell, please be diligent in researching who you do business with.

Just a side note that we have launched a joint venture that offers help to people in foreclosure or who have gone through it, and cannot find a new home. It's a really bad position to be in, and there are way too many people there right now. They know that they have to stop foreclosure, but they also know that they need a new place. We felt that our Rent to Own website was not reaching more of these people in dire need, so we joint ventured to create www.StopForeclosureRenttoOwn.com (which is still being neatened up, appearance-wise), and have launched the site this week.

This is a two-fold benefit: It will help these people who are in trouble, and it will help you by bringing more traffic to your Ads.

Have a Great Day, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !