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December 13, 2010

Giving Back to Our Wounded Warriors

Hi Everyone,
   Hope you had a great weekend.

   As we all know, this is the season of giving, and today, we'd like to discuss a charity that we believe is worthy of your donations. The charity I am referring to is "Wounded Warrior Homes", and basically, the vision of this non-profit organization is to provide fully furnished homes (including sheets, towels, and the first 2 weeks of food), in which each military service member, "will rent a private room at below market rent and have the sense of ownership." In addition, the service member is connected with a case manager, along with "educational and job training options" and will, "begin working on their individual transition plan toward independence in 2 -2 1/2 years or less."

   Wounded Warrior Homes was started by Steve & Mia Roseberry, with backgrounds in General Contracting and with special education, respectively, and as they state on their website, their effort is to, "use their skills as real estate investors to help provide transitional housing to service members with Traumatic Brain Injury."

   This is a fantastic charity, and something that I thought would be great idea to announce here on this Blog, since their vision runs along the lines of the business of housing in which we are all involved in, either directly or indirectly.

   When you have a chance, take a look at their website, and see how you can help our heroes gain back their lives after defending us with their own lives!

Have a Great Week, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !
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July 9, 2010

Neighbors, Community, Charity, and Giving...

Hi Everyone,

   A Happy Friday to everyone out there. We had some great feedback regarding our Blog entry from Wednesday, titled, "4 Tips on Pet Friendly Housing", and we are glad that these tips were helpful. We are always available to answer any questions that you have via the comments section on our Blog.

   I would like to officially deem this weekend as, "Good Neighbor Weekend", and here are a few things that I suggest on this 2-day romp of "giving and caring".

   First: Make it a point to have a friendly discussion with one of your neighbors at least once this weekend. If he or she is outside, then stop your car and have a chat with them. Ask them how things are, how their family is, and how their work is going. This might seem elementary to some people, however, there are some who just cannot find time to do these things (I'm guilty as charged !). If you live in an apartment, visit a neighbor down the hall. It's all about interaction with people who share a common theme with you - location.

   Second: Get involved in your community. Now that the warm weather is here, many towns have weekend clean-up days. get involved in one of these. If you have kids, make sure you bring your kids along as well. It's important for them to see their parents pitching in. It sets a great example for them, helps keep your town clean, and strengthens your sense of community.

   Finally: Charity. This is a tough one nowadays, since most can barely find money to buy food and pay for basic essentials. But remember, it does not have to be money that you donate; you can donate non-perishable food (cans), old clothing, and other items. You can just ring a local religious organization, a non-profit charity, or you can even drop some items off in those large containers that are stationed in some shopping center parking lots (most are put there by the Salvation Army).

   The benefits to your neighbors, your community, and people in need are obvious. What's more, the feeling of "doing good" will carry over into your every day life and will shed some light on you. It's really amazing.

Try it out this weekend and let me know how it went.

Have a Great Weekend, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !