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August 25, 2010

Homes Sales Fury, Plus Part 2 of Our Radio Interview

Hi Everyone,

   Let's immediately address the elephant in the room (or the cyber-room, if you prefer) - "Existing home sales drop 27 percent in July" and "Existing home sales dive to 15-year low". Yes, you read these on Yahoo News and all over the Web and on TV yesterday.

   I pose this question to you: We know that the expired homebuyer tax credit is the main culprit for these dreadful numbers. But let's say there was no tax credit in the first place (follow me here - I am not taking political sides)...what would have happened to the housing market? Is it really a guessing game.

   Now, just today, the headline, "New home sales hit slowest pace on record...Unexpected 12.4 percent drop is latest sign recovery fading". Where is all of this headed? Why did we stop the tax credit? We're in a deep enough hole already...at least people were starting to buy homes, build back some confidence, and get back on track. The key is, "confidence", which is psychologically vital to any economic recovery.

   OK, I can rant on and on about this, as well as the demise of "Cash for Clunkers", but the show must go on.

   As promised, I have included part 2 (final part) of the radio interview that we did on the "Unlock Your Wealth Radio Program" (hosted by Heather Wagenhals). As a reminder, this particular segment was about Rent to Own Homes, so please have a listen, and Enjoy !

Have a Great Day, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !