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April 20, 2011

And Then There Was a Podcast...

Hi Folks,

   Glad to have you back here today.

   We live in a world that is constantly on the go. We live on our mobile phones, Blackberries, Droids, IPhones, IPads, laptops, etc. While some people enjoy finding time to read through their favorite Blogs and Feeds, the vast majority of people do tend to have a hard time nowadays.

   Podcasts have become immensely popular, since you can listen to them on any device that can play MP3 (Sound) files. Basically, for those who are not familiar with this, a Podcast is a portable broadcast, and as it applies to the world of Blogs, it is the spoken version of a Blog post that you can listen to while on the go.

   For almost a year, I have been personally recording Podcasts of the most popular and most heavily-trafficked posts on my Blog. The negative is that is takes such a long time to record, edit, upload, link, etc, for each Podcast. This huge amount of time makes it virtually impossible to have a Podcast for every single on of my Blog Posts, of which some of you had E-mailed me about since I began Podcasting last year.

   We recently have been evaluating a number of different products to automate this and meet the requests mentioned above. We have decided on one of these products called, Odiogo, which automatically generates a Podcast shortly after I have made the Post. This is now an active feature, and you can begin using it right away with the "listen now" button that is directly under the Title of each Blog Post.

   Now, the one "drawback" for you is that it is a computer-generated voice (and if you don't like my voice, this might actually be an improvement for you). However, we look at it as a trade-off; In order to have a constant stream of portable content for you, we had to take this route with the computer-generated voice. Going forward, we will evaluate some more natural-sounding voices, but for now, we wanted to make you aware of this new feature that is "live" right now.

   Feel free to hop onto the Blog and listen or download the Podcasts (remember, as I mentioned above, there is a short lag of a few hours from when the Post is made and when the Podcast for that Post is generated). We would absolutely love your feedback on this.

Have a Great Week, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !
Rob Eisenstein
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