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June 23, 2011

5 Rules and 8 Factors

Hi Folks,
   The "Dog Days" of Summer are upon us, and the humidity is coming (take cover !!). Some folks might look at the odd title of this story and scratch their head, but I will explain.

   There were two very recent stories that intertwined quite well, regarding the new playing field of Real Estate, coupled with some old-school things that should not be overlooked.

   In the story, "5 New Rules of Real Estate", by Ilyce Glink for CBS MoneyWatch and on Yahoo Real Estate, the Author names these rules as follows: "R.I.P., Big Housing Price Jumps", "Mortgage Lenders: Just Not That into You", "The Best Deals Are in New Places", "Investing? Focus on Income", and "Time to Think Medium Term ... at Minimum". In summary, the days of huge jumps in prices are gone, lenders are lending in super-risk -averse mode, properties in areas that are not overloaded with foreclosures will be good deals, buy and rent some foreclosure properties for income, and a 7-10 year plan is important when buying a property in this market.

   The other story, "8 Factors That Devalue a Good Home", written by Janet Fowler, and which appeared in the Yahoo Financially Fit section, brings up some important points for sellers looking to get out from under their home. As mentioned by Glink, "Homeowners are desperate for the housing market to rebound -- especially the more than 25 percent who are underwater with their homes".

   Fowler mentioned the old "Location" adage, warns about "Good Renovations Gone Bad" (shoddy DIY work), overly creative customization (pink walls?), and unappealing curb appeal (keep the outside of the home neat!). Rounding out the 8 factors are, "Pets Gone Wild" (carpet damage, etc), "Not-So-Nice Neighborhood" (Crime), a Sinister Reputation (a murder in the house), or, "Frightful Foreclosures". This last one is really important, especially in today's housing market. As Fowler says, "Many buyers are leery of purchasing foreclosures that are being sold on an "as-is" basis.", and she adds that the fear is that, "the home could be a money pit or require a huge amount of repairs before being move-in ready.". She advises that it is crucial that you get a home inspection so that you know, "exactly what you're getting into."

   Glink comments that she does not believe there has ever, "been a better time to buy a home" saying that 30-year fixed-rate mortgages, "can be had for less than 5 percent". She also says that it seems, "everyone wants the real estate market to get better", including those hit the hardest...Realtors, Builders, Appraisers, and Homeowners themselves.

   What are your thoughts on these suggestions and overviews?

Have a Great Weekend, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !
Rob Eisenstein
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