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June 5, 2011

Selling a Home via Rent to Own

Hi Folks,

   Glad to welcome you back.

   We have some great topics ahead this week, and since we are headed into the summer, we wanted to make you aware once again of the invitation that we extended back in early April.

   In the interest of making this a "Non" Sales Pitch offer, I do recognize the fact that it can be taken by many as a sales pitch. On the flip side, if you read this carefully, you'll see that it is not (and is actually pretty cool!).

   Occasionally, we have more Buyers than Sellers of Rent to Own Homes placing Ads, and that creates a gap in favor of one type of Ad vs. another type of Ad. That being said, we currently have a temporarily disproportionate amount of Homes Wanted Ads (Buyers) vs Homes Available Ads (Sellers), and we would like to close that gap.

   In order to do so, we are extending to you, the readers of this Blog, an opportunity to list your Rent to Own Home for a period of 3-Months, at no charge (normally $16.99 for 3-Months). No entering credit card info, no payments...just listing your home. I'm going to run this offer through the end of June, or once the gap is closed...whichever comes first.

How Do You Get your Free 3-Month Ad listing your Home?

Send an E-mail to me at homebuyer@lease2buy.com with the Subject; "BLOG - MY HOME FOR RENT TO OWN"

We'll set up a Username and Password for you so you can log in, create your Ad, upload photos, etc.

So, To Recap...

The benefit for you - a free Ad listing your home.
The benefit for me - closing the gap between types of Ads as mentioned above.

I look forward to receiving your E-mails and seeing your homes on our website,

Have a Great Week, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !
Rob Eisenstein
HomeRun Homes Blog http://blogging.lease2buy.com
HomeRun Homes Website http://www.lease2buy.com

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