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February 7, 2011

How Much is Too Much Government Involvement With Home Owners?

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   Ever since the economic crisis exploded on the scene, there has been much debate on the topic of the Government's involvement in our every day lives, from the big bank bailouts on Wall Street, on down to homeowner bailouts/modifications on Main Street. How much is too much?

   We put out this question, and we received the strongest response from Pablo Solomon, who resides in Texas. "I grew up in Houston.", says Solomon, where, "The city had codes for every board and wire, and yet would let developers build entire neighborhoods in a flood plain. The same was true for the Gulf Coast. You had to have every detail permitted while allowing you to build on a sandy barrier island that was certain to wash away with the first hurricane. How crazy is that?".

   Solomon also provided his comments on the tax credits for homeowners and the bailout of homeowners, and he says that, "'social justice through redistribution of the wealth' has created more problems than it has solved.", and as far as bailing out homeowners, he says, "what is good--or bad--for the Wall Street Goose should apply to the local homeowner Ganders.", and Solomon says that he is, "amazed that many who see evil in bailing out mismanaged businesses, see good in bailing out mismanaged households."

   Solomon also sees the housing bubble as much due to, "Main Street people taking advantage of the easy loan situation as were Wall Street crooks.", and says that, "There are dirty hands at every level."

   In some final comments, Solomon, an artist known primarily for drawings and sculptures of dancers, muses, "Can socialized housing be far behind?". He questions the following; "Why should taxes payers have to borrow money from the Chinese to rescue either businesses or home owners who made stupid decisions. Even if sad situations result from sad circumstances--that happens. Nature has no bailouts and yet things eventually level out."

   Obviously, these opinions are those expressed by Mr. Solomon, however, I'm sure there are some opposing opinions. Do you care to share with us?

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