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April 6, 2011

Survival Tips for Moving with Children

Hi Folks,
   Welcome back. Today, we will be discussing a topic that, for those of you who have children, may cause and increase in your anxiety level. That topic is moving when you have children, and how to survive the process, and we have checked in with quite a few people who have gone through this for their perspective and tips.

   Nikole Gipps, who has moved from California to Oregon when her children were young (her son was 2 months old and her daughter was 3 years old), suggests that you, "Pack as if you're going on a vacation to someone else's house for 7-10 days.", as she says, "You never know if your moving containers will get delayed, so you don't want to be stressing about your child's blankie or clothing for the family." Gipps suggests that you get your kids excited about the move and all of the things that await them, as if it were "an adventure, not a burden."

   Diane Easley, of Easley Real Estate, reminds us that children are also stressed about the move, and as she says, "Even more so if there is a bad reason for the move, like divorce or foreclosure", and that it is important to talk with them and let them express their feelings. Cynthia A. Myer, President of Ridgewood Moving Services, similarly states that you should, "Be Positive!", since children are tuned into the emotions of their parents. Myer says that, "If Parents view the move in a positive fashion, those around you will feel optimistic about their moving experience.". She also says that the child's age makes a difference; Infants are least affected, but pre-schoolers may have a difficult time, and Myers suggests that you, "get them involved in the process. Let them pack some of their special possessions. Never dispose of any of these items, no matter how old or tattered they may be."

   As Helena Alkhas, a Personal Organizer, says, "Let’s face it; most of us aren’t comfortable with changes. So, imagine how scary it can be for our little ones to leave the place, friends and school they have known for their whole life as home."

   Alkhas says that you should, "Wear kids’ glasses", and that before talking to them, "take a look of what your new location has to offer to children, which would attract your kids’ attention. I personally like to put a “tourist” package together with all the parks, museums, hiking spots and nature related activities. Also, whats the history of the place, look for books, sticker books and your local library!"

   Another help along the way, as suggested by Sandra Gall, is to, "let some of your higher nutritional standards go for a little while.", and looking back at her move with children, she says, "Did we eat more junk than we would have liked. Yes. Did it help us to preserve our own sanity. Yes."

   Alkhas continues this thought and says it is important to cater to your children's interests, such as if your child is a boy scout (she suggests that you, "contact their chapter in your new town, introduce yourself and get their information."). Alkhas also says that you should notify your children's teachers, coaches and caregivers, since, "Making sure they know about your move will help create a net of supporting people for you and the children."

   On a final note, both Gall and Alkhas discuss the inevitable; Tears. Gall says that you should, "Let them cry, call their friends, take pictures of every rock in the drive way, or cut a jar full of grass with scissors just to take along." She adds that you need to, "Listen to them and ask them about their fears. Really listen. Don't dismiss anything as "silly." This is stressful for grown-ups but really just Earth-moving for a child." Alkhas says that you need to, "Allow room for tears", as it's part of the change. She recommends that you, "Keep your cool, trust your heart and always move forward!", and that kids pick up on our anxieties so, "make an effort to embrace the change and they will follow."

   Are you making a move with children, or have you done so in the past? We'd love to hear what helped you survive the process.

Have a Great Week, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !
Rob Eisenstein
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