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October 11, 2011

5 Tips to Protect Your Home from Robbery

Hi Folks,

   As the Holidays are fast-approaching, we'd like to focus on one of the hottest trends this Holiday Season (and all Holidays Seasons); Home Break-ins and Burglaries. As a matter of fact, the FBI says that a home is robbed every 14.6 seconds and the average dollar loss per burglary is $2,119.

   Now, however, even though burglaries were down from 2009 to 2010, writes Celia Kuperszmid Lehrman for the Consumer Reports Website, in her article, "Break-ins are down, but your house may be screaming 'rob me'", locking your door and windows is not the only thing you should be doing to protect yourself. Lehrman names 5 things that she says you are, "probably doing that make your home a target, and what you should do instead".

   One of the first tips provided by Lehrman, in light of the explosion in popularity of Social Media, is in regards to posting vacation photos on Facebook, as she says that, "Burglars troll social media sites looking for targets". The suggestion is to post the photos once you get back, or to tweak your Security Settings to allow trusted friends only to see your adventures.

   Lock your garage from the inside! Lehrman says that if you don't, a burglar can gain entry to your home via an internal door by using "any tools you haven’t locked away" to break into your home "out of sight of the neighbors".

   Hiding Spare Keys is a bad thing. "Burglars know about fake rocks and leprechaun statues and will check under doormats, in mailboxes, and over doorways", says Lehrman, who suggests that you give a spare set to a neighbor or family member.

   Ladders should be kept stored away and out of sight. Lehrman says that they can be used to "reach the roof and unprotected upper floor windows".

   Let's not overlook the home security alarm factor. Silent alarms are great, and noisy alarms are irritating, However, noisy alarms are also irritating to burglars, but the smart thieves, says Lehrman, know that "it can take as long as 10 to 20 minutes for the alarm company or cops to show up after an alarm has been tripped", and she suggests using both silent and audible ("noisy") alarms.

   One bonus tip for you; beware of people calling with a survey in which they ask if you have an alarm system. They could potentially be "casing" your home as a target. Additionally, an answering machine saying you are not home is also bad (instead, make it a generic message).

   Do you have any other tips? We'd love to hear.

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