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December 12, 2011

Occupy Foreclosure Homes Hits Multiple Cities

Hi Folks,
   It's been a short while since we spoke, as I have had some unforeseen personal issues develop in my life over the past few weeks, but things are clearing up and the posts will start getting back on track for you!

   Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, I'm sure that when you turn on your TV, you keep hearing the same word over and over; "Occupy". Just slip a location after it, and you have Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Oakland, etc. Up to this point, the Occupy movement has been done in a Public fashion (Public Parks, etc), however, as it was recently discussed in a Newsday article from The Associated Press ("Occupy protests move to foreclosed homes"), Occupy protesters across the country are "reclaiming foreclosed homes and boarded-up properties", which they write, is "signaling a tactical shift for the movement against wealth inequality".

   These are not isolated incidents.

   Apparently, in excess of 25 cities were "occupied" by these groups who were protesting "on behalf of homeowners facing evictions". Jeff Ordower, one of the organizers of Occupy Homes, was quoted as saying that "It's pretty clear that the fight is against the banks, and the Occupy movement is about occupying spaces. So occupying a space that should belong to homeowners but belongs to the banks seems like the logical next step for the Occupy movement".

Some of the areas that the groups were protesting in were:
* Seattle: The article says that Seattle "has become a leader in the anti-foreclosure movement as protesters took over a formerly boarded-up duplex last month. They painted the bare wood sidings with green, black and red paint, and strung up a banner that says "Occupy Everything - No Banks No Landlords."

* Atlanta: At a Foreclosure Auction at a county courthouse, what was called a "boisterous rally", took place, along with "whistles and sirens to disrupt an auction of seized houses", per the story. The Occupy Atlanta spokesman, Tim Franzen, said that "We don't know how many homes we saved for one more month during the holiday season", and added that, "It was kind of a Christmas gift to the people."

* New York: Protesters marched through a residential neighborhood in Brooklyn carrying signs that read "Foreclose on banks, not people", per the Story.

* Southern California: In another familiar protest, the "protesters rallied around a family of six that reclaimed the home they lost six months ago in foreclosure".

* Portland: The home of a woman that was defiant about leaving that home, Deb Austin, was the site of a press conference. Austin, who's is facing foreclosure next March, per the AP Story, vowed to stay in her house until authorities take her out. The reason she fell behind was the result of both her cancer diagnosis, and also job loss.

   It appears that these protests will keep regenerating across the country, and perhaps the upcoming Election year will fan the flames even more. One such "desired result" could potentially be the use of abandoned foreclosed houses "that could be housing people", say the protesters.

   This will all remain to be seen, but it certainly is not a headline that will be dropping off the radar any time soon. What do you think?

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