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September 18, 2011

The Rent to Own Juggernaut

Hi Folks,
   Welcome back to one and all.

   We have caught some flack over the past couple of years for keeping the title of this blog as, "HomeRun Homes Real Estate and Rent to Own Homes Blog", but the fact is that the Real Estate Market, Housing Numbers, Economic Conditions, etc., all have an effect on the gaining popularity and increasing momentum of the "Rent to Own Juggernaut", as I like to call it. Therefore, when it appears I am writing about Existing Homes Sales or Home Prices, these all tie in to the main title of this Blog. The sum of the parts are greater than the whole...

   On that note, today, we are staring directly into the face of the Juggernaut, as we are seeing more and more publicity on this form of Real Estate agreement. Some of the publicity is just an explanation of how the process works, but the point is, by educating the public, that is "publicity" !

   Our most recent example is a story in the Sioux City Journal, titled, "Rent-to-own transactions popular", by Jim Woodard. In this particular article, Woodard explains the process; "The homeowner agrees to rent his home for a specified period of time, usually from one to three years. At the same time, the tenant receives an option to buy the property at any time during the rental period at an agreed-on price.". Woodard also discusses the option fee and the rent credit (which vary by regional laws and between different homeowners).

   Woodard also points to some benefits to buyers that are perhaps cash-strapped or cannot qualify for a mortgage until their credit and financial status improves, however, they can move into the home and purchase it when their financial health improves.

   On the other side of the deal table, Woodard says that this can be a "wise option for the homeowner", who might need to wait quite some time in this sluggish market, and if the seller already owns a second home, they can "avoid making two mortgage payments each month without any revenue generated from his previous residence."

   Of course, there are caveats on both sides of the table (the buyer needs to make sure the seller's home is free of any liens of pending foreclosure, and seller needs to do some due-diligence on the buyer). As always, with any Real Estate deal, consult a local attorney or title company that is familiar with the local laws regarding these deals.

   Educating the public on Rent to Own Homes is a fantastic was to put it into the mainstream of the Real Estate market and start changing the Housing Market and the Economy for the better...what do you think?

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Have a Great Week, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !
Rob Eisenstein
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