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August 14, 2011

Danger Alert - For Anyone Showing Homes

Hi Folks,

   Hope You had a nice weekend, and welcome back.

   Today will be more of a Public Service Message, and it serves as a warning to anyone showing a home to relative strangers, male or female.

   "The attempted kidnapping and near sexual assault of a female Jackson real estate agent on Wednesday has reminded those in the industry about the dangers of their profession". This was taken from a recent story published in the JacksonSun website in Tennessee, written by Ned B. Hunter.

   The agent was showing a home to a man in the late afternoon, when he grabbed her and tied her up and put her in a closet, then left with her cell phone and purse. Fortunately, she was able to escape and call the police, resulting in the arrest of the suspect. She was very lucky, since it could have ended a lot worse for her.

   Earlier this year, I wrote a story in this Blog titled, "Home Security When Selling or Residing", in which we discussed these dangers. Jennifer A. Chiongbian, SVP and Licensed Associate Broker with Rutenberg Realty in New York City, suggests that you let your friends and neighbors know when you are showing a home. She also added another tip regarding your friends and neighbor; "have them call you afterwards to make sure everything is okay."

   Bottom Line...Be careful. You might be showing a lot of homes each day, but please don't get so entwined in the process that you overlook your safety and security. Any helpful suggestions for our friends here?

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