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April 13, 2011

Why Should Baby Boomers Move To Your Town?

Hi Everyone,

   We're glad you're here with us today.

   OK, so our goal was to open the floor and have you give us some top reasons why Baby Boomers should move to your town. The response that we received via multiple channels was great, however, we received a large amount of people just pitching their areas, along with some international recommendations, but the focus was on Baby Boomers. With that being said, we bring to you the input that was actually of use for this post.

   "Baby boomers want to buy in Los Angeles because they have a choice of city or suburb", says Chantay Bridges, a Senior Real Estate Specialist with Clear Choice Realty & Associates. Bridges says that there are "tremendous deals", "bang for your buck, tons of inventory, and more "choices for you and your family." She states that, "Even multi-million dollar properties are on sale in LA. A few years back certain neighborhoods were unattainable, not anymore."

   Another city in California that was mentioned is Petaluma. Martha O'Hayer, a Realtor with Coldwell Banker, says that she loves Petaluma, and she has, "relocated several 'retired' folks" there. O'Hayers says that they go there to "be close to their kids without being in the hustle (or the expense) of Marin County."

   O'Hayer says that they, "just don't stay retired very long. There's tons to do and the pace of this incredibly beautiful area gets creative juices flowing again.", and she gives the following examples: "One client wrote her 2nd book, another retired client is so involved in his bike club he's gone many hours each day. Another retiree is a docent for the 3rd grade outdoor wetlands program."

   O' Hayer points to the fact that "Compared to Marin county and San Francisco county, your home dollars will go much further in Sonoma County and Petaluma specifically.", and says, "Travel and Leisure Magazine named Petaluma "one of the Nation's Top Ten Getaways near a major city, and that, "Sunset Magazine just named Petaluma "perfect small town". She adds that Petaluma has, "music, arts, Michelin rated restaurants", and that it is, "less than an hour from San Francisco." In terms of confidence in their respective areas, Bridges says that, "LA has the resources for everyone's hobbies, clubs and activities, including yours.".

   Did we miss your town? Is your town, "Baby-Boomer" friendly? Thing of the demographic and then think of the weather, proximity to stores, etc. What do you think?

Have a Great Week, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !
Rob Eisenstein
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