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August 23, 2010

Our Radio Interview on Rent to Own Homes, Part 1 of 2

Good Morning Everyone,

   Glad to have you back here with us, and we hope you had a great weekend !

   Today, we'd like to present to you a Radio interview (MP3 attached) in which I was honored to participate in and provide some information from HomeRun Homes/Lease2Buy.com.

   The radio program is the "Unlock Your Wealth Radio Program" (hosted by Heather Wagenhals), and this particular segment was dedicated to Rent to Own Homes/Lease Purchase Homes. During the interview, we covered different areas and markets around the country, as well as some of the mechanics of the Rent to Own process.

   Since the entire interview spans close to half an hour, we have split it into two parts, and attached Part 1 of 2, with Part 2 coming on Wednesday. Enjoy !

Have a Great Day, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !!

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