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July 14, 2010

Revival and the Life Cycle of Neighborhoods

Good Morning Everyone,

   Hope you're all having a great week. Things are just soggy and humid here in New York, and we eagerly await the return of the sun. Sounds like a great title for a book!

   On the topic of water, it's amazing how towns and neighborhoods go through revivals and declines. We are about 1 mile from the town lake, which back in the 1950's, was the hot spot for people who lived in the city (about 50 miles out). It was the perfect spot to escape the heat without making the trek the rest of the way to the Hamptons.

   Somewhere back a bunch of years ago, the immediate area surrounding the lake began to decline, with the homes and properties falling into disrepair, and the quality of that little area diminished. However, due to some fantastic community efforts, that area is now on an upswing. There were some unoccupied, older-style mobile homes that were in horrendous shape, and these have been torn down for some new lake home developments. In addition, there have been a few incredible new playgrounds that were built (we frequent them with our toddler, so we have become "playground connoisseurs").

   The point that I'm trying to make is that we have seen all of this change within the past 5 years, during one of the worst recessions that most of us have ever seen. Sometimes, the life-cycle of towns, neighborhoods, and communities can operate independently of the greater economy.

   May this be your inspiration for today; no matter what the bigger picture may dictate, be strong, push forward, and keep your ultimate goal in mind, as long as it is ethical.

   We would like to start a new feature here on our blog, since we have had a few people ask us about it, so we are definitely considering it. So, do you have a property you'd like us to feature here? If so, E-mail us at homebuyer@leasebuy.com with the Subject Line, "Feature My Property on Your Blog"

Have a Great Day, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !!


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