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October 17, 2011

The Crystal Ball of Future Homes

Hi Everyone,
   Hope you had a nice Fall Weekend, wherever your travels took you.

   Have you ever wondered to yourself what homes will look like in the future? If you were in the 1970's wondering what homes would look like in 40-50 years, you would have probably thought about homes in outer space with all robotic features, or as Erika Riggs of Zillow puts it, "something akin to The Jetsons’ home complete with Rosie the Robot and other space-age appliances that dressed and fed the family", as she discusses in her story, "A Look Ahead at New Homes of 2015", featured on Yahoo! Real Estate.

   Home Size...This might surprise you!

   Rather than space-age technology, says Riggs, "the biggest thing that is expected to change in future single-family homes is the size", and “Homes will get smaller,” adds Stephen Melman, Director of Economic Services at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in Washington D.C..

   The NAHB asked builders, says Melman, "what do you anticipate the new home size would be by 2015?", and the average reply was 2,150 square feet, which is a decrease from the current single family home average of 2,400 square feet. Is this recession-related? Yes, but as Riggs adds, "many believe that the real estate changes will stick around even after the economy and home values get back on solid ground". “Although affordability is driving these decisions, smaller homes are a positive for builders,” says Melman, and adds that it is an opportunity to deliver a better home", allowing for "more creative design, more amenities, better flow".

   What else will change? The living room is expected to merge with other spaces such as the family room and become a "Great Room". Riggs says that 30 percent believe that it will vanish completely to save on square footage. Riggs says to expect spacious laundry rooms, master suite walk-in closets, porches, eat-in kitchens, two-car garages, and ceiling fans. She says to expect to see less of mudrooms, formal dining rooms, four bedrooms or more, media or hobby rooms, and skylights.

   "Going Green" is driving a lot of these changes, says Riggs, which lead to energy efficient windows, etc. Additionally, with the aging Baby Boomer population, says Melman, "they’re empty nesters, so they don’t need five bedrooms".

   What do you think about homes of the future?
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