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January 10, 2011

A Special Interview with Our Head Web Designer

Hi Folks,

   What can I say? Snow, Snow, and more snow coming. Remember a few years back when we didn't get a snowflake all winter? Well, winters is back with a vengeance !

   Today, I'd like to give everyone a long overdue look at our main Web designer, David Davis of DCGWS Internet Solutions. First, just a little look back in time to 2008. At that time, we had been in business for over 6 years, and business was going really well. However, we were operating in the "Stone Age", and we were basically entering in all Ads manually on the website. There was no user control panel, and the lines of communication were getting more difficult as the business was growing.

   I realized that in order to keep growing and to continue to provide quality customer service, I needed to upgrade my site with a database, along with some automatic features to keep the flow of information as timely and efficiently as possible. And so, my search began...6 solid months of looking for and interviewing web designers. In all of that time, the only designer that I spoke with that really "got me" and knew exactly what I wanted was David.

   I have posed a few questions to David for the purposes of this interview, and here are his responses:

Question 1: "David, for the purpose of this interview, can you provide some comments about our website, Lease2Buy.com?":

David: "Lease2buy.com is a real estate listings website powered by Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP OOP (Object Oriented Programming). It is in my humble opinion, the best and most successful website in it’s class."

Question 2: "How far has the site come along since you came on board?":

David: "When I took over the programming of lease2buy.com. the entire website and all its property listings were static pages, meaning all manually added and edited. Rob asked me to completely automate the site and that was what I did. An end user can browse the site, buy an ad or even multiple ads via a major credit card or PayPal, and once the transaction is completed, the ad becomes “live” without any interaction from the website owner or webmaster."

Question 3: "Can you comment on the Security of the Website?":

David: "The site has PHP session based logging, and uses encrypted passwords for both the user back end and site administrator back end."

   David, thank you for a wonderful job. Your work ensures the integrity and efficiency of all visitors to HomeRun Homes (www.Lease2Buy.com), and provides excellent security for those placing Ads on the website. Keep up the good work.

Please post your comments (and Kudos!) to David !

Have a Great Week, and Happy Rent-to-Owning !
Rob Eisenstein
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